Zinc Cures the Common Cold – How it Works

Weather changes according to seasons. This changes effects on our health, it leads to sneezing and coughing. Then you go to ginger syrup and your tulsi-ginger tea cuppas to get rid of your bouts of cold.

Anyhow, more studies had done for an ingredient which can help to get rid of your cold and flu faster, it is nothing else as Zinc.

Why Zinc?

To fight the common cold, Zinc is the one proclaimed to a very efficient way. Within 24 hours of starting of cold symptoms taking zinc helps to shorten the duration of the cold. At the University of Helsinki, a study has done where a bunch of sniffling people have divided into two.

Zinc lozenges have given as a band while the other group has provided in some other form of medication. By 40 percent the ones who took zinc had their cold’s duration shortened.

How does it work?

As cold caused by a rhinovirus and according to the research, Zinc stops the virus from multiplying. From lodging in the mucous membranes, it also helps to prevent the rhinovirus of the throat and nose.

How much do you need?

To reduce the symptoms of a cold, 80 mg of Zinc has required. The sources of the zinc are Spinach, flaxseeds, kidney beans and pumpkin seeds but you should have to eat a lot of these to get the required amount of zinc during the cold, so opting for supplements is easier.

The amount can exceed over 40 mg till the time you have a cold even though the upper safe limit for zinc consumption in a days is 40 mg.

Taking zinc in your everyday diet then it might reduce the number of colds every year. We have to take 8 mg per day on a regular basis. By conducting various tests, the above has tested and concluded that there could have side effects of taking zinc tablets such as follows.

  • Some side effects are like vomiting, foul taste in your mouth, stomach cramps and diarrhea.
  • Zinc also interacts with other medicines.
  • In the form of nasal spray using zinc may make you lose your sense of smell.
  • Zinc only shortens the duration but not ease or prevent the symptoms.

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