5 Best Smartphones Under Your Budget

The mobile market was full of smartphone brand and their flagship smartphones. Well, do you know which one is good? Ok, I will tell you 5 best phones in this article for every budget segment.

5 best phones

1.Lenovo K6 power:

If your budget is below Rs 10,000, then you choose Lenovo K6 Power. Also, the services of Lenovo is better than Xiaomi and another Chinese brand.

For money phone, Lenovo K6 Power is a great value, and its built quality is also good.

2.Honor 6X or Moto G5 Plus:

Both the phones come with the right camera. Let us think your budget is Rs 15,000 then you will get two option in this price range. With the several features, both the phones are good phones while the camera is the priority in the both the phones. Coming to the performance, both the performance of the phone is good.

3.ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S:

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S is your choice if your budget is about 20,000 rupees. Under 20,000 it is one of the most value for money smartphone.

The phone also comes with the best camera.

4.One plus 3T:

One plus 3T is for you if your budget is of 30,000 rupees. Coming to this price segment, it is one of the most value phones. The phone camera and built quality are also good. The phone performance is excellent.

5.Samsung Galaxy S8:

You can go with Samsung Galaxy S8 if you have the budget of 40,000. At this price segment, it is value for money smartphone as it is one of the best phones.

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